Ethel Maud Gallot




Ethel Maud Gallot & James July Jensen  

Ethel was born in 1879 in Auckland to William and Jane Gallot.

Ethel married, hairdresser, James Jensen on March 21 1900, in St James Presbyterian Church, Auckland, when she was 20 years old.  James, born Jens Olai Jensen (birth certificate) in Norsewood New Zealand 12 June 1875, was the son of Thomas JENSEN (FORLAND) and Eli (Ellen) JONSDATTER DRIVENES from Norway. 

James and Ethel had 3 sons; Reginald James (1901-1989), Tom (1902-1987) and Arthur Owen (1905-1978).  Reggie worked at Farmers in central Auckland and another of the sons took after his father to become a barber.

Ethel, along with her brothers, was named as a major beneficiary in Jane Gallot's will.

On April 24 1934, aged 55 years, Ethel committed suicide by drowning herself in Auckland harbour.  James remarried in 12 March 1935 to Elizabeth Ann Hosking, she died 17 April 1970

James and his two wife's are buried in the same big grave in Waikumete Cemetery. It's in Pine Road (metal road), 4 trees down on the left of the road, then turn left and can't missed the big grave. Have photo if interested


James remarried, to Elizabeth Ann Hoskings and died on October 6th 1947 in Herne Bay of cronic Pneumonia.

James and both of his wives were buried at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand



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