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Gladys Gallot and Arthur John Kinnaird

Gladys was born in 1909.

Gladys did not like school and left at 13 and a half. She worked in Alec Service's Box factory in Exmouth St and earned 17/6 per week, kept 2/6 and gave the rest to her mother. When she married around 1927 she was earning 2 pound 2/6 a week. She paid for all her wedding herself.  She worked for 15 and a half years and left to get married to Arthur Kinnaird . They lived at 18 Rose Rd, her mother moved out and lived with Annie for a while but then she moved back in and they lived with her mother till she died. They then moved to 14 Rose Rd as 18 was being sold.

Gladys, like her sisters loved dancing, she met her husband dancing and he took her to a studio where she learned proper ballroom dancing. Gladys and the younger children went to Sunday School at the Baptist Tabernacle and they used to call in to "Old Uncle", James Wright Anderson, who lived at the bottom of Greys Ave, for morning tea on the way home.

In 1939 Glady married Arthur Kinnaird.

Arthur died in 1982 and the following notice appeared in the paper in 1983;

KINNAIRD, Arthur John - Precious are the memories of my beloved husband, who passed away one year ago today, November 24 1982.  It is sad to walk the road alone.  Instead of side by side.  No one to hold, no one to love.  Life is nothing without you.  No words I write could ever say, How much  you're missed in every way.  Deep in my heart.  You're always there to stay.  Time cannot heal the heartache.  Or stop the falling tear.  Nor dim the precious memories.  Of the one I loved so dear.  Thank you Art for those wonderful 43 years.  Your everloving wife.

Glady, Uncle McLaughlin (unknown which brother), Pearl


Gladys and nephew, Gavin (April 2002)

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