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Kathleen Ann Gallot and Phillip Last-Harris

Kathy (pictured here with brother Gavin) is the oldest child of Tom and Ann Gallot.  She spent her early childhood at Golden Downs forestry villiage near Nelson, before moving to Tapawera when the forestry headquarters were relocated.  After completing school at Tapawera Area School, she began work as a receptionist/typist for the NZ Forest Service, and then for the National Film Unit in Wellington for 14 months.  Following this Kathy lived and worked in various parts of Australia for 10 months.  In February 1987 she married Phillip Last-Harris.  They resided in Nelson for 2 and a half years and Christchurch for 1 and a half before returning to Nelson for the birth of their first child, Ryan Phillip on June 9 1991.  Kathy and Phil purchased World Gym Nelson in March 1991.  Their second child, Kelsey Ann, was born on August 13 1993.  Near the end of the 90's they decided to sell the gym and Kathy begun training as a nurse at Nelson polytechnic.  She graduated in 1999 and the family moved to Perth, Australia, where she began work.  In 2001 Kathy and Phil separated.  In July 2002, Kathy and the children moved back to Nelson, New Zealand.


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