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Margaret Ann Gallot & Bob Majurey

Just 6 months before the death of James, he and Vera had their 5th child in December 1936, registered as Ann Margaret Gallot, but over the years becoming Margaret Ann.

 When the children were placed in the orphanage after the house fire, Margaret was almost immediately recovered and taken to Vera’s sisters home in Mananui, near Te Awamutu.

At age 6, Thomas and Jean were retrieved from the orphanage and brought back to the family home.  This was the first that Margaret had seen of them since she was a baby, and remembers asking, “who are these people and why are they here”, when they arrived.

Alec and Vera moved around a lot due to unemployment and debts.  Margaret remembers attending about 27 different schools.

In her early 20’s, Margaret returned north and had a brief relationship with Scottish seaman, John Francis Wright, and became pregnant.  John chose not to be involved with the pregnancy and on 17 Oct 1960, Brent was born and adopted out.

On Oct 23 1971, Margaret married, 41 year old, Bob Majurey and they made a home for themselves in Te Atatu, West Auckland.  This photo shows, Ann Gallot, Jean, Len and Tom in attendance.

Around 1990, after the NZ laws surrounding adoption information were relaxed, Margaret listed herself as available for contact.  Meanwhile, Brent Alloway was also looking for his birth mother.  Brent obtained Margaret’s contact details and the two were reunited.

 Brent married Ana Pickering from Nelson and had two children.  In the late 90’s Brent and Ana separated.  Brent is currently working overseas as a geologist.

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