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Margaret Jane Gallot & Owen Stainer Gayer

Margaret was born 15 October 1869 and baptised on the 7th November 1869 in the presence of Archibald and Isabella Young (ref 935/45/411) in Auckland, NZ.

Margaret married Owen Stainer Gayer, a carter, of Nelson St, Auckland.

In 1896 Margaret gave birth to Elsie May, but only 4 months later, on July 14, Elsie died.

She outlived her husband, Mr Gayer, who died on the 6th of October 1896 at age 40, and ended her days while in Avondale home on June 24 1956, at the age of 86.  She is remembered by Helen as a frail, but nice, old lady.

Margaret was listed as a major beneficiary in her mothers will, but by the time it was actioned, Maggie was already a resident of Avondale Mental Hospital and her family contested the will.



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