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Noel William Gallot and Bonnie Payne

Noel is the oldest son of Tom and Ann Gallot, born on the 29th of December 1964.  Noel was brought up in Golden Downs and later Tapawera, and became a bushman for the NZ Forest Service after leaving Tapawera Area School at age 16.  Noel has lived and worked around Tapawera since then and is currently the owner/operator of his own private forestry contracting business.  In 1994 Noel was married to Bonnie Payne in Nelson and became the stepfather of Dianne, Bonnie's 6 year old daughter.  Noel and Bonnie purchased a small area of farm land near Tapawera in late 1994, where they still live, and in December 1999 Shaun William Gallot was born.  Dianne currently attends Nelson College for Girls as a border.

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