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William George and Jane De-Lord

William George Gallot, son of Tasmanian settler of high regard, and Jane De Lord, the daughter of a French sailor, began the first family of Gallot’s in New Zealand, and started all lines that continue today.  William is truly the father of the New Zealand Gallot’s.

William signed onto a ship as a mariner in Hobart and sailed to New Zealand.  There is an index listing in the Auckland library stating that this ship could be the Armstrong, which left Gravesend on 5/11/1864 and arrived in Auckland on 16/02/1865, captained by Mr A Armstrong – however there is a conflict with the date of the wedding.

On December 31 1864 William married Jane De Lord Johnson at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Symonds St, Auckland. 

Jane was born on 4 Jun 1847, 1 year after her parents, Charles De Lord Johnson and Margaret Doran, were married in Auckland, New Zealand, on May 26 1846. 

As yet I have been unable to trace, Charles, but it seems likely that Charles was born in Dunkirk, Nord, France, about 1813, to Antonius De Lord and Marianne Barbier.  The Church of The Latter Day Saints has records showing a child by the name Charles De Lord, to them.  I have heard a story in the family of a great grandfather becoming a sailor and taking the name Johnson when he jumped ship in New Zealand.  This could, perhaps, be true of Charles.

William and Jane lived in Albert St at first and moved to Victoria St shortly after the birth of their eldest child, who shared the name of his father.  All of the eldest three children were baptised at St Pauls in Symonds St.

There is a connection between William and Jane and Capt. William Jones of England and his wife Jemima from Wales.  The sea captain was a witness at the baptisim of their son and shares a cemetery plot with the family.  It seems likely that he was the captian of the ship that arrived in New Zealand from Tasmania. 

By the time their second, Frederick Charles (13 Nov 1867), and third children, Margaret Jane were born in 1869, William changed the description of his occupation from mariner to boatman.  We can assume that by this time he decided to remain at shore more often and aid in raising his family.  Following this William and Jane went own to have 8 more children; Frank (~1871), Arthur (Sept 1873 – died as infant), Ernest (28 July 1875), Ethel Maud (~1879), Mabel De Lord (~1882), Amelia (~1883), Harold (~1886), Walter John (~1887) and Lawrence William (~1889)

In his later years, William left the sea, pursuing the career of his father as a clerk.  By the end of the century the advancing years and acute senility began to catch up with William and in the late 1890’s he was admitted to the Avondale asylum from his home.  William died on November 28 1901 of paralysis of the brain.

 “On 28th November 1901, William George, the dearly beloved husband of Jane Gallot; aged 63 years.  The funeral will leave his late residence at Vernon Street, Freemans Bay on Sunday 2 P.M. for Purewa cemetery.”

Records of C. Little, Undertakers, show the instructions and invoicing for William.  An interesting note is shown at the bottom of the instruction card, requesting that he be buried “deep if possible”.  The burial cost 13 pounds 7 shillings.

Jane outlived her husband, reaching the age of 66 years, but finally administering herself a fatal dose of Lysol after a prolonged illness.  Eldest son, Frederick Charles placed the following touching notice in the Auckland Herald newspaper;

“On November 25th 1913 at the district hospital, Jane De Lord, dearly loved wife of the late William George Gallot; aged 66 years.  At rest after long suffering.  The funeral will leave the premises of Mr C Little, Marble Arch for Purewa Cemetary tomorrow (Thursday) 10 a.m.  Private interment by motor.  By request of deceased, no flowers, no mourning.”

 A plot in Purewa cemetery still exists for William and Jane (D035006), it contains a white stone headmarking;

“William George Gallot the husband of Jane died 28 November 1901; aged 63 years.  I struggled and wrestled to win the blessing that setteth me free, but when I had ceased from my struggles his peace Jesus gave unto me – also wife Jane, died Nodvember 25 1913; aged 66 – Gone with Christ which is far better.”


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