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Hon. Arthur Ernest Guinness

Arthur was born 2 Nov 1876. He died 1949. Arthur married Marie Clotilde RUSSELL(d.1953, a granddaughter of Lord Arthur Lennox) in 1903.

Ernest's finest moment came during World War One when he arrested a British officer cycling behind the lines on suspicion of being a German spy. No soldier so young could have rightfully earned all the medals which adorned his chest. Turned out the 'spy' was the Prince of Wales.

Ernest had three daughters, Aileen Sibell Mary (born 16 May 1904), Maureen Constance (born 31 Jan 1907) and Oonagh (born 22 Feb 1910), collectively known as the Golden Guinness Girls. With large doe-like eyes, shiny hair, pale arms, social position and, of course, money, the Girls were the true-life prototypes for the "It" crowd of the '20s, social show-offs of note.  All three married well, ie. into the peerage.


Arthur died in England on March 22, 1949. He owned the luxury yacht "Fantome." At the time of his death, it was moored at Seattle, Washington, where it had been left continuously for a number of years. By his will, probated in Great Britain, the yacht passed to his wife and children.  The state of Washington claimed part of the inheritance as tax.

Marie died in 1953.


Sir A.Ernest GUINNESS, very rich Irish brewer, which one knows beers today, the Jura to do everything itself to become one day, the owner of this famous three masts. With force of perseverance, Lord Hugh Richard Arthur ends up letting himself convince and yielded it in September 1921.

Hundred West-Indian furrowing the Atlantic, Belem is practically the only one to force the Fabric...

In May 1907, Belem changes owner following the death of Fernand CROUAN at 85 years. His/her son-in-law, Mister of LAGOTELLERIE, resell it with armament DEMANGE brothers, large and old founded Nantes house at the beginning of 19 2nd century. From this date Belem will not go back any more to Brazil. It will ensure from now on, the transport of various products between the colonies and France.

Hundred West-Indian furrowing the Atlantic, Belem is practically the only one to force the Fabric. Except those disappeared at sea, all the others were destroy or abandoned with the profit of the "vapor". BELEM was sold on February 11, 1914 per 3000 Pounds Sterling to the Duke Of WESTMINSTER. It is the captain Julien Marie CHAUVELON who brought it to his new home port, Southampton, February 23. One returned the French house and hoisted that of the Union Jack. As wants it the maritime tradition, Belem did not change a name. Except the respect of this tradition by the Duke, of many modifications were carried out to transform it into luxurious yacht. The masts out of wooden were replaced by steel, the elevated of a meter, round and consolidated poop deck. The dies threaded in candlesticks are replaced by balustrades of Victorien style and weigh down the line of the boat considerably. Put aside the aristocratic transformations of the interior of Belem, most significant was the addition of 2 Bollinders engines of 250 CV each one, equipped with a pair of propellers.

Neglecting the Maritime uses, Sir A.E. GUINNESS renamed Belem in "GOST II". He also brought many interior transformations. Among all the exits made for period "GUINNESS", one was very particular: from March 29, 1923 to March 2, 1924 it carried out the turn of the world while passing by Suez and Panama is 57601 kms (31129 marine miles). Whereas it crossed the Atlantic for Montreal, to celebrate the crowning of George VI, in 1939, Sir Alan Ernest GUINNESS dies. Phantom II is disarmed in the island of Wight or it will station throughout all 2 2nd war.




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