Arthur Francis Benjamin Guinness


Arthur Edward Rory Guinness


[Arthur Francis] Benjamin Guinness, Earl of Iveagh 3rd

Benjamin was born on 20 May 1937. He married Miranda Daphne Jane Smiley, daughter of Major Michael Smiley of Castle Fraser, Kemnay, Aberdeen on 12 Mar 1963.

Benjamin inherited the Title and Estates from his grandfather in 1967, at age 30.

Edward was born on 10 Aug 1969 and Benjamin and Miranda divorced  in 1984.

The period from 1967 to 1992 was one of varying fortunes for British agriculture, the shape of farming at Elveden changed extensively over the next 25 years, while Benjamin was Earl. 

Benjamin died in 18 JUN 19921992, and the estate and title passed to his son, Edward.



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