Arthur Guinness


Arthur Lee Guinness
Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness


Arthur Guinness, 2nd

Guinness decide to expanded in the foreign market place under the guidance of Arthur's three sons who succeeded him in the family business. Arthur Guinness II insisted that only materials of the highest calibre could be used to produce the stronger, long-lasting beer for which Guinness became famous for. His stringency paid dividends, winning a popular response from stout drinkers. St James Gate was Ireland largest brewery and still is. In 1823, Guinness produced 30,000 barrels of stout, which had increased to 1 million barrels by 1882. In between times, the O'Neil harp and Arthur Guinness signature was introduced as a trademark label in 1862.

Arthur the Second was, like his father, very charitable and good to the poor. He contributed generously to the poor fund, the school fund and the roads committee.

Arthur died in Beaumont House in 1855 at the age of 87.

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