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Notable Ancestors

The most notable Gallot's on this site:-

Alexina Sophia Gallot

Known for being the unknown mistress of the 12th Earl of Pembroke and mother to his children.

Norman Lindsay James Gallot

Ground breaking city engineer in early Auckland.


5 most notable Guinness's:-

Sir Arthur Guinness

Founded the brewery at St James Gate.  Started the legacy.

Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness

Primary brewer from age 20 onwards.  Took over brewery at age 55.  Left over 1m pounds in inheritance.

Edward Cecil Guinness

Made the brewery into a public company.  Established Elveden estate.  Befreinded King George.

Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness

Possibly Englands greatest Prophet and preacher.

Kennelm Lee Guinness

Winner of TT Isle of Man motor race and inventor of the K.L.G. spark plug


Other notable names:-

Thomas and Janet Scott

Inherited and ran the Richmond Arms Inn and a boat building operation at Mahurangi


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