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  • 16/06/05 - Wow it's been so long sine i updated the site.  I have so much info to put in here now! So what has happened since the last update?  I have separated from my wife, moved house, my son is now 3 years old, i met Darren a little while back, i have had email contact from a couple of cousins, Karla and Andrea, have heard from alot of Guinness relations.  I promise i will try to get more regular updates up here.

  • 18/11/02 - Added heaps of Guinness information.  Lots of royal connections here!

  • 14/11/02 - Found some fascinating information on Alexina Sophia Gallot, George's sister.  It seems the family has had a brush with royalty...

  • 18/08/02 - Began adding some of the Guinness Tree (my mothers family).

  • 25/06/02 - Finally got the gallot.co.nz web site up

  • 19/06/02 - My son, Thomas, the latest Gallot was born tonight at 8:13 PM

  • 22/04/02 - Spent the weekend in Auckland and met Mary and Michael Farrel and family and also met my great Aunty Glady.  Have found out heaps of info and got scans of many photos.  Lots more to see on the site now.

  • 10/04/02 - No major updates for some time, although have been contacted by Pearl's daughter-in-law, Mary, who has been also studying the family history.  Mary has already supplied me with heaps of info (thank you so much).  Have updated Ernest & Annie, and hope to add more soon.

  • 11/11/01 - I have added a picture of Lawrence Gallot that was kindly given to me by Delwyn.

  • 7/10/01 - Found the grave site of Eric Gallot and discovered the existence of his grandchildren Darren and Craig. Anybody know more about them??

  • 22/9/01 - Managed to get some of my Dad's old photos up.  They include, Margaret, Len, Jean and himself, of course.

  • 20/9/01 - Got the site running live on Geocities.  I'm going to try to arrange gallot.co.nz and move it soon

  • 19/9/01 - I've managed to get enough content prepared to find a host for the site.  Hopefully will have it live soon.

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