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The following is a list of facts I have found during my investigations.  Many of these are unfounded, or I have not been able to link them to my 'known' tree.

If you can provide more information on any of these, please contact me.

  • I need proof that George Fredrick Gallot of Hobart is actually George Fredrick Green Gallot (born 3 Oct 1813), son of John & Anne Gallot of London.  If I can prove this I may be able to trace his roots through is brothers and sisters and also go back another 50 or so years.

  • Around 1835 their was a Miss M Gallot appearing in many shows at the Adelphi and Theatre Royal in London.  There is also a Mr & Mrs Gallot.  Mr Gallott was the stage manager of the Adelphi in 1836.  He was also a minor actor in many shows from 1828 1830s.  First show 1827 list as being from Haymarket. On one show there was a cast comment; "Gallot often appears as Gallott, regularized to the former spelling".  Could this be the family of George Fredrick Gallot?

  • There was a James Gallott born around 1830, who eventually died in Sydney, Australia.  He married Caroline, 4 years his junior and they had a daughter in 1865; Caroline Alfreda Gallott.  She died on Sept 19 1884 and was buried in St Saviour's Cemetary, Goulburn Australia.  There was also an Annie L Gallott, born 1841 in NSW, Aust who married Alphonso Bede GIRARD in 1864 and perhaps later married Patrick Joseph Healy.  They had a son Cecil Healy who won a an Olympic Gold Medal swimming for Australia.  Are these people related to the NZ Gallots?

  • Peter Gallott travelled to America in the 1700's from France.  Today there are many Gallott's in the U.S.  Are this families linked to the ones in England?


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